Vivi Nova Electronic Cigarette

Itsuwa as Leading Electronic Cigarettes Wholesale & Manufacturer in China, Supplies High Quality Vivi Nova Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer.

This type has some advantages below:

1. Clear cartomizer tank system, easy refill
2. New unique atomizer
3. Manufactured from thick durable tank style plastic
4. 100% no burning smell, no leakage
5. S808D-1 and 510 Screw thread, match 510, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-W, Rocket580 battery
6. Durable supply of liquid, no broken, more quick and stable liquid supply
7. Easy to fill, great taste and vapor
8. The resistance of the coil is 1.8/2.4/2.8 ohm, but if you need 2.0ohm, we still can make that for you.